The competition was created to:

  • Provide graduate students attending SBFoton Conference 2019 with an engaging challenge to embrace.
  • Motivate and increase the number of students enrolled on scientific R&D activities related to Optics and Photonics.
  • Give students the opportunity to meet and interact with SBFoton Conference attendees to share ideas, gain new insights, and understand possible practical applications.
  • Give students an opportunity to sharpen their communication skills.
  • Provide feedback to students about their research and presentation from a panel of distinguished judges from research centers, industry and academia.
  • Recognize and reward outstanding graduate student research.

Organizer and Sponsor

SBFoton Conference Student Paper Competition is organized by SBFoton and sponsored by IEEE Photonics Society.


To register in the competition each participant must attend SBFoton Conference 2019 as a graduate student when submitted the paper, must be the first author and must present the paper at the conference.



Online registration is open until September 30th.

Each competition entry must be authored by one student only – neither supervisor(s) nor other student(s) are allowed as co-participants.

The submission to the Student Paper Competition should provide the paper conference number/code, in accordance to the SBFoton ConferenceTechnical Program, the student’s name and the university’s name, where the research has been carried out by the competitor as a graduate student when the work was done. The student should also describe succinctly:

  • The research problem and motivation for the work
  • Background and related work
  • Research approach
  • Novelty of the research
  • Results and contributions to the area of the research

Selection Process

The competition extends equally to papers presented in oral session and poster session. Therefore the evaluation criteria will be set according to the type of presentation and, then, normalized to a common pattern. The competition will be evaluated by a jury of experts in the oral/poster presentation, during the designated Technical Session. Together with the online data entry system, the submissions will be evaluated for:

  • Quality of work
  • Novelty of approach
  • Significance of the contribution to the field of SBFoton
  • Clarity of presentation (either oral or poster)
  • Visual presentation (either oral or poster)

For the final score computation, the score received from reviewers during the review process (EDAS), prior to the conference, will be also taken into account.

Result and Award

The competition result announcement will take place on October 9th, 2018, during the SBFoton Conference 2019 Closing Ceremony. The top five students will receive, from the competition sponsor (IPS), the following grants:

  • 1st place : $1000
  • 2nd and 3rd places : $500 each
  • 4th and 5th places : $250 each







The Brazilian Photonics Society has begun its activities on May 24th, 2017 with the main objective to work for increasing the importance and awareness of optics and photonics in Brazil and South America.

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