Students Competition


To register in the competition each participant must attend SBFoton 2021 as an undergraduate or a graduate student when he/she submitted the paper, must be the first author and must present the paper at the conference.


Each competition entry must be authored by one student only – neither supervisor(s) nor other student(s) are allowed as co-participants.

The submission to the Student Paper Competition should provide the paper conference number/code, in accordance to the SBFoton Conference Technical Program, the student’s name and the university’s name, where the research has been carried out by the competitor as a graduate student when the work was done.

REGISTRATION (is open and will close on May 23rd, 23:59h) (

Selection Process

The Student Paper Competition is a juried track for SBFoton 2021. Juried content will be peer-reviewed by experts that will evaluate the work based on its overall quality, originality, and relevance to the SBFoton community, as perceived by them for the oral presentation during the designated Technical Session regardless if the presentation is in Live session or in Poster Session (pre-recorded video). Note that, regardless of whether the paper is allocated to a live or poster session, each presentation will be reserved 5 minutes in a live session for questions and answers and the competitor's performance will also be assessed.

  • Quality of work
  • Novelty of approach
  • Significance of the contribution to the field of SBFoton
  • Clarity of presentation
  • Self confidence and knowledge of the subject
  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Creativity

For the final score computation, the score received from peer-reviewers during the review process, prior to the conference, will be also taken into account.




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