Monday, October 7th



14:00—15:30 / Room 4

SBFoton Database

Daniel Pataca - SBFoton

Photonics research at Brazilian universities and research centers

José Maria Mascheroni - Alkimat Tecnologia Ltda

Embrapii Laboratory IFSC USP

Vanderlei Bagnato - IFSC/USP

Round Table

Manuel Steidle - CERTI


Research Centers

16:00—17:30 / Room 4

Innovation in Optics & Photonics Product Development: Way of Working and Partnerships

Manuel Steidle - CERTI

The innovation with Optics and Photonics products is a multidisciplinary task, that demands structured management and best working practices. Under the point of view of a product development center, are presented project workflows and the management of innovation for solutions with Optics and Photonics for the Industry. Cases of success and also pitfalls in the context of a Brazilian product developer illustrates the experience in the real world of the industry and market competition in the field of Photonics. Recommendations based on the lessons learned and proposals to enhance the performance of the innovation process are presented to exchange experiences and give support to the improvement of knowledge for product development in the Optics and Photonics market. With the approach of innovation, the plenary talk explores the connection of the development process with partnerships, technology transfer, supply chain development and questions of intellectual propriety in the context of Brazilian and International applications.

Embrapii CPqD and Industry Unit - Project Experiences, Key Results and Future Vision

Marcos Sanches - CPqD

The Embrapii CPQD - Advanced Communications Unit, with approximately 5 years in operation, has a portfolio of about 40 projects (executed, approved or under execution) and the purpose of this presentation is to highlight some project cases and highlight the impacts of the Embrapii support for innovation for domestic industry. Presentation includes: industry testimonial and impressions; the program's main results, benefits and strengths, as well as the main difficulties and challenges to be overcome for the continued success of the program in the future vision of innovation in the next 5 years.

Optics in Agri-environmental applications

Debora Marcondes Bastos Pereira Milori - Embrapa

The world must face a significant challenge in the coming years: food security. The UN's World Population Prospects 2019, estimated that the next three decades will see today's figure of 7.7 billion people rise to 9.7 billion by 2050 despite a continued slowdown in the global birth rate. If these predictions are confirmed, in order to feed this larger, more urban and richer population, food production (net of food used for biofuels) must increase by 70%. Thus, agricultural productivity needs to increase, but with environmental sustainability. In this scenario, science and new technologies are essential for the entire agribusiness production chain. There is a great opportunity to innovate in agriculture and environmental monitoring. Optical techniques can be great allies for this challenge. This lecture will show some examples of optical systems developed at the Embrapa Instrumentation Optics and Photonics Laboratory and their applications for precision agriculture and environmental monitoring.

Round Table

José Maria Mascheroni - Alkimat Tecnologia Ltda

Tuesday, October 8th


Biophotonics & Optical Communication Industry

14:00—15:30 / Room 4


Jarbas Caiado de Castro Neto - IFSC/USP

Padtec an Optical Communication Industry in Brazil

Roberto Yoshihiro Nakamura - PADTEC

Round Table

Alberto Paradisi - CPqD


Laser & Integrated Photonics Industry

16:00—17:30 / Room 4

Laser and Photonics in manufacturing

Marcos Lichblau - CSMAT

The presentation provides an overview of the Brazilian machinery and equipment sector in terms of the application of LASER and Photonics in manufacturing.

Integrated Photonics and Optoelectronics

Juliano Oliveira - Idea!

Round Table

Daniel Pataca - SBFoton







The Brazilian Photonics Society has begun its activities on May 24th, 2017 with the main objective to work for increasing the importance and awareness of optics and photonics in Brazil and South America.

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