Sbfoton Conference 2021: Keep on Shining!

SBFoton International Optics and Photonics Conference (IOPC) 2021 was a success in many ways: number of participants, number of speakers and technical program quality. This result would not have been possible without the coordinated effort of a large number of people working on the organization, infrastructure and production of content.

The SBFoton 2021 platform, accessible to registered participants, will remain online for 2 months displaying all activities and videos that have been authorized to be recorded.

To everyone who collaborated in the organizing and technical program committees, including group leaders, papers’ reviewers, competition evaluators, invited speakers, regular and invited paper authors and session chairs, to our sister societies (IPS and OSA), to our sponsors (Keysight, ThorLabs, Idea!, Silvaco, PadTec and Embrapii-São Carlos), to the website and virtual platform teams (Preface Design and Softaliza), and to all participants, thank you very much.

At the conference's closing ceremony, the outcome of the student competition, whose prize is paid by IEEE Photonics Society, was announced. To all competitors and, in particular, to the winners, congratulations!

Oral Session

  • 1st place
    Armando Valter Felicio Zuffi (IPEN), “Development of a modified Michelson interferometer for time and space density measurements for laser wakefield acceleration”
  • 2nd place
    Luís Gustavo Maciel Riveros (CPqD), “Optical Grating Coupling on Silicon Photonics based on Metallized Angle-Polished Fibers”
  • 3rd place
    Lucas Nunes Sales de Andrade (USP), “Measurements of spin-coherence in NV centers for diamond-based quantum sensors”
  • 4th place
    Carla Regina Borges Lopes (Unifesp), “Comparative spectroscopic studies between conventional and organic oils”
  • 5th place
    Luismar Barbosa da Cruz Junior (USP), “Visible and Near-Infrared Optical Characterization of Human Belly Skin Tissue and Phantoms”

Poster Session

  • 1st place
    Matheus del Valle (IPEN), “Evaluation of machine learning models for the classification of breast cancer hormone receptors using micro-images”
  • 2nd place
    Thalyta Tavares Martins (USP), “Dynamically controlled double-well optical potential for colloidal particles”
  • 3rd place
    Celso Lopes (Inatel), “Peaceful Coexistence Between 5G NR and LTE-A Over a RoF-Based Fronthaul”
  • 4th place
    Fábio Bittencourt Dutra Tabacow (USP), “Theoretical and experimental study of supersonic gas jet targets for laser wakefield acceleration”
  • 5th place
    Ary Portes (UFMG), “Highly Efficient Fermi Level Tuning in EO Waveguide Based on Double Layer Graphene Capacitor”

Conference hosted online from May 31st to June 2nd.
(Username and password sent by email to those who registered here on the site)




The Brazilian Photonics Society has begun its activities on May 24th, 2017 with the main objective to work for increasing the importance and awareness of optics and photonics in Brazil and South America.

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